The DISTRICT’s Merchants Advisory Group is a collaboration of the businesses located within the Downtown DISTRICT. The Merchants group was established to ensure that business interests in the area have the ability to communicate effectively together and to discuss issues pertinent to the District. The DISTRICT’s Merchants meet on the last Thursday of every month, and share the responsibility of hosting each meeting. Government agencies, Civic Leaders, Special Event Organizers, Marketing Groups and many others visit the Merchants Advisory Group to promote opportunities, and to keep in touch with city interests.

  • Progressive Party High-Rise & Honky Tonks
  • Deck the District
  • Music City Bowl
  • Holiday Parade
  • New Years Eve
  • Fourth of July
  • Spirit of District Award

    The purpose of this award is to honor a person or persons who have provided great

                                service & leadership to The DISTRICT and who have worked to broaden

                                                The DISTRICT’s influence, outreach and goodwill.

  • Preserve America Award

    Preserve America Neighborhood, The District, Nashville, TennesseeFirst Lady Laura Bush today named The District, an area that covers Printer’s Alley, Second Avenue and Lower Broad, as one of the first five communities to receive the designation of Preserve America Community Neighborhood. By executive order in 2003, President Bush created the Preserve America initiative to encourage the preservation of historic neighborhoods and buildings around the country through intergovernmental partnerships. The initiative also encourages heritage tourism. The White House has been working in cooperation with the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation and several departments. Since its creation, more than 350 localities have received the Community designation. To get the designation, communities must go through an application process. At an announcement made in Nashville last July, the initiative was expanded to create a Community Neighborhood designation to recognize areas within metropolitan areas of more than 200,000 people.

  • Tootsies Historic Preservation Award

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