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2nd Avenue Strong

     Community Alert from Mayor Cooper:Mayor John Cooper has declared a civil emergency with a  curfew in place that started at 4:30pm yesterday
    and will last until 4:30pm on Sunday, Dec. 27. The area under curfew is
    between First Avenue and Fourth Avenue and from Broadway to James
    Robertson Parkway. All businesses within that area are to remain closed.
    This curfew is important as this is an active crime scene for the FBI, ATF,

    Nashville Police Department, and Metro Nashville Fire Department. Mayor
    Cooper has notified that if someone identifies them self and the reason
    need to get to a business, Metro Police will allow you into the impacted
    area except for on 2nd Avenue.  Photo ID and destination are required before entry in to the area currently closed due to the curfew.  Note that the
    non-emergency number of 615-862-8600 is not working right now. You
    can go online to to get updated information.

    Thank you for your cooperation. We remain #NashvilleStrong. 

    We pray for all of you who are affected and for our
    Downtown Community.

    The DISTRICT and the Metro Historical Commission Foundation are
    partnering to raise money for immediate needs in preserving the Second Avenue buildings damaged in the Christmas Day bombing.  

    Those needs may include: 
    Obtaining independent structural assessments of buildings
     Salvaging and storing building materials to be used in rebuilding
     Making emergency repairs to facades
    Assisting owners with stabilizing buildings.

    While insurance may cover and reimburse these expenses, our goal is to have funds available quickly to prevent further loss. Once immediate needs are covered, we anticipate raising funds to bring back this special
    place in Nashville’s history and its life today.  

    This is an initiative that will take years and millions of dollars.