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Welcome to Downtown Nashville’s

You’ve chosen to establish your business in one of the South’s most vibrant cities, one

that offers you a wide variety of professional, cultural, residential, retail and recreational


The DISTRICT is a part of Downtown Nashville, and by choosing your location

You ‘re now a part of the DISTRICT!

Our location…


The DISTRICT consists of three of downtown Nashville’s National Register Historic

Districts; 2nd Avenue, Lower Broadway and Printer’s Alley.

About us…

The DISTRICT is a private 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to economic

and community revitalization of The DISTRICT. Organizationally, it is a partnership of

the business community, property owners, preservationists, non-profits and government

The DISTRICT ‘s programs seek to foster and stimulate growth of district identity, community

spirit, civic pride and unity while promoting the people in the area and to further retain

agencies with an interest in downtown Nashville.

downtown Nashville’s historic character.

Things we do…

The DISTRICT’s Merchants Advisory Group is a collaboration of the businesses

located within the Downtown DISTRICT. The Merchants group was established to

ensure that business interests in the area have the ability to communicate effectively

together and to discuss issues pertinent to the District. The DISTRICT’s Merchants

meet on the last Thursday of every month, and share the responsibility of hosting each

meeting. Government agencies, Civic Leaders, Special Event Organizers, Marketing

Groups and many others visit the Merchants Advisory Group to promote opportunities,

and to keep in touch with city interests.

The DISTRICT Board has set out to identify more of our neighborhood assets and assist in any

change, and or challenges, as a Board, we want to create goals that lead into RESULTS where,

Please ask about our annual progressive party… “ High-Rise & Honky Tonks”

live, work, shop, dine, play, and the public comes to Vacation.

Things to know…

The DISTRICT, is an award winning Historic Neighborhood… Former First Lady Laura

Bush named The DISTRICT, as one of the first five communities to receive the designation of

The DISTRICT ‘s Board is looking to enhance the Merchants Advisory group, to grow our

collaborative by inviting interested individuals to visit District Merchants meetings and learn

We welcome you to our community and thank you for choosing the DISTRICT and helping us

Preserve America Community Neighborhood

more about this exciting and cutting-edge group!

to enhance, our diversity, and outreach in Downtown Nashville.